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Do I need a travel adapter?

Travel voltage converter

You need a voltage converter if you are traveling to a country that uses a different voltage. A voltage converter is a device that changes the input electricity so that you can safely connect your device. You connect the voltage converter to an electrical outlet abroad and connect your device to the voltage converter. The voltages used in the world are 100V - 250V. Many countries use the range 110V - 127V or 220V - 240V. Check the country you are traveling to to see what voltage it uses.

The voltage converter only changes the voltage. Not all voltage converters also change the types of electrical plugs. At present, there are already a large number of voltage converters on the market, which also have different types of electrical plugs or have USB connectors.

Most mobile phones, laptops and modern devices support both types of electrical voltages. Each electrical device has a label (often on the charger) stating at which volt range and frequency it works - example “INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz”. If you have this range you do not need a voltage converter, just check the type of socket / plug. If you do not have such a range and the country you are traveling to has a different range, you also need a voltage converter.Device power label