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Do I need a travel adapter?

List of countries, power plugs and sockets

Are you planing to travel abroad? If you travel abroad don't forget to check electricity voltage, frequency and socket types in destination country. Maybe you will need travel adapter or travel voltage converter. Destination country could use different electric voltage or frequency and your devices could not operate right or could be damaged. Most of mobile phones, laptops and moder devices support both types of power voltages. In case your device is not supporting needid voltage you need to use travel voltage convertor. Do i need travel voltage convertor?

List of countries, power plugs and sockets. Most of countries are using several types of power sockets, few of them are using only one. Click on destination country for closer information about power sockets and plugs.

Why exists several types of power plugs and sockets?

It's a question about history of every country. Some of them were building infrastructure from begining with these days standards, but nowadays are much higher standards. Some countries were under the rule of other countries and their standards had to adapt. It would be ideal if the same electrical voltages and electrical plugs and sockets were used everywhere. Many times this cannot be changed in the countries, as it would be a large investment (it is not only necessary to replace all sockets and plugs, but also power lines throughout the country). In some countries, you may not only need travel adapter but also voltage converter .