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Power plug type I

Electric socket and plug I An electrical socket & plug type I is used by countries (Australia, New Zealand, Argentina). For a complete list of countries using the Type I plug, see below.

This type of electrical plug has three thin flat pins (this type is grounded). There are also devices with two thin flat pins and they do not have a ground. In Australia, I plugs are designed for up to 10 Amp., But there are also 15 Amp (thicker ground pin). 10 Amp. the plug can be connected up to 15Amp. sockets, but the opposite will not work.
Power Plug type I is not compatible with any other type. To connect your devices you will need a type I .

Countries that use an power outlet / plug type I

List of countries that use wall socket type I. Some countries use more than one type of electrical outlet. Click on a country to see more information about the electrical outlets used in the selected country.