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Power plug type N

Electric socket and plug N An electrical socket & plug type N is used in Brazil. For a complete list of countries using the N-type plug, see below.

This type of electrical plug is grounded. It has three round pins. The pin in the middle is grounded. The N-type socket / plug has two versions. Version designed up to 10 Amp (two 4.0mm round pins and ground pin between them) and version designed up to 20 Amp (two 5.0mm round pins and ground pin between them). You can connect a device with a type C plug to an N-type socket.
Socket type N is compatible with socket type: C

Countries that use an power outlet / plug type N

List of countries that use wall socket type N. Some countries use more than one type of electrical outlet. Click on a country to see more information about the electrical outlets used in the selected country.